Author | Allen Frances, MD


Future of Psychiatry in a Post-Pandemic World

June 04, 2020


In just 3 months, the virus has changed the lives of our psychiatric patients and of psychiatry forever. What are the next best steps?

Words of Wisdom to Soldiers of the Pandemic

April 29, 2020


The doctors, nurses, aids, food staff, and janitors are among the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. They know its ravages best and are most at risk. We mustn't let them down.

Helping Patients and the Public Endure the Pandemic

April 17, 2020


Allen Frances, MD, delivers a powerful message for mental health professionals to help them navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

My 50 Years of Experience Condensed Into 50 Tips Each For Clinicians, Patients, Families, and Policymakers

February 07, 2020


In this 4-part collection, the author shares his experience and provides guidance to all involved in the mental health field-patients, physicians, families, and policymakers.

Advice to Families Coping With Psychiatric Problems

October 21, 2019


This third in the series provides advice to families on how best to cope with the psychiatric problems of a family member.

Advice to People Who Have Psychiatric Problems

October 08, 2019


Recently DSM-IV Chair Allen Frances, MD wrote 50 pieces of advice to clinicians on how best to help their patients. It seems fitting, then, to provide an equal portion of advice for patients who seek help from those clinicians.

Advice to Young Psychiatrists From a Very Old One

October 04, 2019


Here it is-the 50 most important things Allen Frances, MD, has learned in over 50 years studying psychiatry.

Dungeons and Back Alleys: The Fate of the Mentally Ill in America

October 04, 2019


The “deinstitionalization” movement was meant to correct a stream of neglected patients, a demoralized and disengaged staff, and disappearing doctors. That didn't happen.

Restoring Respect to People With Mental Illness

July 31, 2019


It takes decisive action, not words, to really end stigma.