Author | Leo Robert


Bipolar Update: Shared Brain Abnormalities and Common Comorbidities

December 04, 2019

A summary of some of the latest findings in bipolar disorder research.

Bipolar Research Update: Risks and More Risks

November 04, 2019

Bipolar disorder heightens Parkinson risk, ADHD persistence may mediate bipolar spectrum disorder risk, and rapid cycling catalysts identified-these are some of the latest findings.

Psychiatry Update: Parental History, Pediatric Bipolar Disorder, and More

September 30, 2019

Parental history shapes pediatric bipolar in offspring, no evidence for deterioration in neurocognitive functioning, clinical course predictors identified-these are some of the latest findings in bipolar disorder research.

Top Studies in Addiction: Research Recap

September 19, 2019

Prescription drug misuse in adolescents is source driven and asking frequency questions identifies problematic substance use are some of the more significant findings.

Bipolar Disorder: Psychosis, Mania, and Additional Research

September 09, 2019

Call for better first-episode mania care, brain activation patterns predict risk, what’s important about atypical antipsychotics- find concise summaries of these and other key developments here.

The Legacy of Parental Incarceration, Drug Treatment Interventions, and More

September 06, 2019

Increased addiction risk in children of incarcerated parents; reinforcement-based interventions may decrease drug abuse; and other key findings are summarized here.

Psychiatry Roundup: 7 New Developments in Depression

September 05, 2019

Neurotransmitters may enhance mood-boosting effectS of exercise, cigarette use abstinence efforts going up in smoke, and other recent findings are summarized here.

A Rising Tide of Drug Use and Disorders

August 21, 2019

A recent report provides a global update on the growth of drug use and its consequences.

Focus on Bipolar Disorder: 6 New Studies

August 12, 2019

Treatment failure risk is high, new biomarker of conversion from major depressive disorder, depression stifles creativity, and other recent findings are summarized here.

8 New Findings on Depression

July 29, 2019

Teen depression rises with screen time, potential new target for novel antidepressants, and more key findings here.