Author | Omar Reda, MD


Heroes Are Not Supposed to Die

May 04, 2020


This has been an extremely challenging quarantine season for me, not so much because of the restrictions posed by the mandate to stay home, as I am still going to the hospital daily for patient rounds; my biggest struggle has been watching the toxic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on many in my immediate social circle.

COVID-20: A Psychological Crisis

April 15, 2020


19 ways I think, and hope, that if implemented might help us, psychiatrists, mitigate the current situation.

Exploring the Role of Psychiatrists in Disasters

March 20, 2020


These are hard times, but they get a little easier when we make the decision to unite and go through them together.

Project Untangled: A Journey of Hope and Healing

February 26, 2019


Many trauma survivors do not enjoy their life due to their daily struggles with memories in the aftermath. Wounded healers are no exception. More in this Portrait of a Psychiatrist.