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Psychiatric TimesVol 41, Issue 3

“Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”—Bernard Haisch, PhD




“Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”—Bernard Haisch, PhD

In the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, intellectual debate stands as the bedrock of progress, particularly when it comes to the analysis and implications of clinical studies. For psychiatric clinicians, the road from research to practice is paved with thoughtful studies, challenging debates, and a commitment to refining treatment strategies for patients with serious mental illnesses.

When Psychiatric Times received a letter to the editor about reconsidering the STAR*D data, we welcomed an open the dialogue and the opportunity to serve as a forum for some of the leading psychiatric researchers of our time. As Psychiatric Times Editor in Chief John J. Miller, MD, noted, we hope their thoughtful discussions and discourse will help you, our readers, make sense of the data and conclusions and how they might impact your practice and your patients.

This is part of the real beauty of science and medicine, exemplified by researchers collecting and analyzing data, clinicians reflecting on their own experiences and collaborating, and investigators reevaluating studies due to new findings and hypotheses. Rigorous intellectual debate and rebuttal, although challenging, play a pivotal role in refining our understanding of psychopathology and the psychopharmacology that can make a difference for patients.

Psychiatry’s progress demands a relentless commitment to ensuring that the highest-quality data shape clinical decisions. By acknowledging and learning from the limitations of older studies, clinicians contribute to a more nuanced, effective approach to patient care.

From cover to cover, Psychiatric Times is committed to sharing the latest research, debates, and insights from leaders in the field, and we welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. What do you think of the findings and potential errors in STAR*D? Are there other data you would like to learn more about? We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Share with us via and on our social media.

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