Giving Up His Beepers for Nikon Cameras


With his camera in his hand, a psychiatrist searches for our common humanity on the streets of the developing world.

In 1994 Glenn Mark Losack, MD, left conventional psychiatric practice and spent 8 months travelling around the world, pursuing his love of travel, art, and music. Since then, working intermittently as a locum tenens psychiatrist, he has continued to travel—with a camera in his hand.

His photographs have been viewed millions of times online and appeared in publications like National Geographic. In this video, Losack explains how he became interested in photography and introduces The Bonds We Share, a book of his photographs that looks for our common humanity while also showcasing the richness of human diversity.

For more from Losack, read his article, "Reflections."

Dr Losack is a psychiatrist, physician, photographer, social activist, and musician who has traveled and worked extensively in the developing world for over 40 years. His photography is available on flikr.

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