Managing Stalking Behaviors


What role do you play in managing stalking behaviors? How can you read between the lines and determine which stalker type behavior a patient's communication suggests?

Rejected-type; intimacy-seeker; resentful-type; incompetent-type; predatory (silent) type. . . what clues help you determine which stalker type behavior a patient’s communications suggest? What role do you play in managing stalking behaviors?

James L. Knoll, IV, MD, briefly reviews the various types of stalking behavior in this podcast. Dr Knoll, Editor-in-Chief of Psychiatric Times, is Associate Professor and Director of Forensic Psychiatry at the SUNY Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, where he hosted the 3rd Annual Forensic Psychiatry Conference. The focus of this year’s meeting was stalking.

Dr. Knoll’s podcast sets the stage for short video presentations of several speakers at that conference. We invite you to click the links below to view these videos and listen to…..

Legislation, Epidemiology, and Classification Research on Stalking, by Debra Pinals, MD

Ritualistic Serial Rapists, by Robert (Roy) Hazelwood, MS

Stalking Victim Security: Psychiatric Perspectives and Practical Approaches, by John Femia

Support Services for Stalking Victims, by Randi K. Bregman, LMSW

Managing Stalking Behaviors


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