Mini Quiz: Prescribing Opioids to the Elderly


The short vignettes in this quiz highlight the importance of understanding the delicate balance between risks and benefits when prescribing opioids.

In which of the following cases would you feel comfortable prescribing opioids?

A. A 78-year-old in hospice care for terminal lung cancer
B. A 68-year-old w history of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, +drug screen for cocaine/opioids/prescribed benzodiazapines
C. A 65-year-old with hepatocellular carcinoma, recently enrolled in palliative care, w a comorbid, severe alcohol-use disorder
D. A 90-year-old who has chronic back pain, neurocognitive disorder and history of falls
E. A 64-year-old status/post hip replacement surgery in PACU
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