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Psychiatric TimesPsychiatric Times Vol 36, Issue 12
Volume 36
Issue 12

What to expect in the December issue.

From the Chairman

As we come to the end of 2019, one of the emerging hot topics in psychiatry is artificial intelligence. We’ve been seeing more and more stories about initiatives for using technology, ie, mobile apps in caring for patients. In a study at the University of Colorado at Boulder researchers are looking at a speech-based mobile app that may be able to gauge a patient’s mental health status as well as, or even better than, a doctor can.

We’re also hearing more about telepsychiatry. One study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City is comparing in-person with telephonic evaluations of asylum seekers. The evaluations show similar efficacy, and consequently greater access to care.

On our cover, we feature the next installment of our Bipolar Telehealth series. Dr Osser discusses the use of aripiprazole in bipolar mania and depression and well at its use in preventing bipolar episodes. And, if you missed the “Digital Psychiatry: Augmenting the Future of Mental Health Practice” article, in the November issue, you may want to go back and read it.

This month we’re bringing you articles on another hot topic: sex and sexuality. Sex is always a provocative subject and it has proven so with the December issue. The articles in this month’s Special Report explore sexuality from the psychiatric perspective-some are diagnosis specific, eg, paraphilias, compulsive disorders; others are more wide-ranging, such as how to work with LGBTQ patients, sexting, and how to talk to patients about sex. After reading Dr Levine’s article, you’ll understand how taking a sexual history will help you understand your patient.

The CME article is just as stimulating. You’ll learn about the changes in consumption patterns of pornography since the advent of the internet. The increased use affects psychiatric and physical health as well as other aspects of functioning.

We expect 2020 to hold many more exciting stories as well as new features for Psychiatric Times. For instance, keep your eyes out for our upcoming Psychiatric Times video series, which will provide you with additional opportunities to explore these and other hot topics.

All of us at Psychiatric Times and MJH Life Sciences wish you Happy Holidays!

Mike Hennessy Sr.

Chairman and Founder, MJH Life Sciences

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