Which Superheroes Would Make the Best Psychiatrists?

Superheroes are already saving the world, but some of them would make good clinicians too.

Whether they are foiling a robbery or disabling the death ray before it vaporizes Metropolis, superheroes are always helping individuals in trouble. So are psychiatrists. In this Mental Health Minute, Kamran Ahmed, MD, lists 5 superheroes whose powers would be an asset in clinical settings, should they want to make a career change. Some of his picks may surprise you!

Dr. Ahmed is a psychiatrist, writer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. In addition to his clinical and academic work, Kamran regularly writes for newspapers on mental health, including The Guardian. Kamran has made several films related to psychiatry and started the international medical film festival ‘Medfest’ now in its 10th year. Through his music startup Rave Reviewz, he also launched the ‘Music on my Mind’ initiative to support mental health in the music industry.

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