Telepsychiatry in Children and Adolescents

The pandemic revealed the potential of telepsychiatry for continuity of care in a group that perhaps needs it the most.

Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD, MBA, MPE, DFAACAP, discusses telehealth for what he calls 'the digital natives.' Children and adolescents are more likely to feel a sense of safety in their own environment, and therefore may be more likely to be open and engage with their mental health providers.

The links he discussed can be found here:

AACAP/APA telepsychiatry toolkit

APA telepsychiatry toolkit

AACAP telepsychiatry training curriculum

Dr Ramtekkar is the medical director ofTele/Virtual Health and Behavioral Health at Nationwide Children's Hospital, the associate medical director of behavioral health for Partners for Kids, and clinical associate professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral health at The Ohio State University.