The Potential of Psychedelics

We have an urgent need for new and improved treatment options for depression—are psychedelic medications the answer?

“Too many people are suffering, and this [psychedelic] mental health revolution is so overdue,” said Reid Robison, MD. As depression continues to plague many patients, psychedelic medicine may offer a new option to clinicians and patients. Here, Robison shares his journey in discovering the promise and potential of psychedelics, and how it might hold the answer to addressing mental health care issues.

Dr Robison is a board-certified psychiatrist and chief clinical officer at Numinus. He has been working with ketamine in research and clinical settings for more than 12 years. He is currently principal investigator of a number of psychedelic studies, including ones looking at psilocybin and LSD. Robison previously served as a coordinating investigator for the MAPS-sponsored MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study of eating disorders.