Treatment of the Suicidal Patient


Patient suicide is both personally challenging and legally complicated for mental health professionals. Are you providing the standard of care? How do you balance confidentiality and family support? When is split treatment justified by reduced liability exposure? Difficult questions — but not impossible. Download this guide, provided by Professional Risk Management Services® (PRMS®), for proven risk management and patient safety approaches.

As suicide rates continue to rise, managing a suicidal patient remains a considerable area of liability exposure for mental health professionals.

The more you know, the better you can mitigate risks associated with treatment — and improve patient safety. This guide, provided by Professional Risk Management Services® (PRMS®), provides proven approaches including:

  • Practical management for at-risk patients
  • 5 care factors tied to lawsuit allegations
  • Balancing confidentiality and family support
  • Realities of collaborative treatment
  • Managing risk after a suicide or attempt

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