Veterans Day and Military Mental Health: The Startling Facts


The invisible wounds of war continue to infiltrate the minds and consciousness of veterans and their families, as shown in this infographic and public service announcement by the APA, featuring by Rep. Patrick Kennedy.

The invisible wounds of war seep into the unconscious of veterans and their families long after these men and women serve in the armed forces. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) created an infographic and public service announcement with Rep. Patrick Kennedy, hoping to educate the public about this major mental health issue. This infographic highlights some sobering statistics about the military, suicide, and mental illness.
•The suicide rate among our military community is at its highest rate in 10 years of war
•The prevalence of traumatic brain injury, which is associated with increased risk for suicidal ideation, is about 8% to 20% in military personnel deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan
•300,000 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSDIn this video PSA, Rep. Kennedy urges military spouses and families to encourage their loved ones to seek help for their mental health as they would for their physical wounds.“It’s up to all of us as members of the American family to embrace our veterans so they stop suffering in silence,” says Rep. Patrick Kennedy. He reminds veterans they are not alone, and we must encourage them to seek help for their invisible wounds of war.Thanks to the APA, Rep. Kennedy, and Home Front Communications.For more information: (or) 

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