We’ve Come a Long Way . . . Or Have We?

Psychiatric TimesVol 37, Issue 3
Volume 37
Issue 3

An introduction to the March issue.


You know the old saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” In many ways we have made great strides, and our lives are most likely easier and better than the lives of our grandparents and previous generations. But, it seems like we are still fighting the same battles.

Take, for instance, COVID-19. We have seen frightening epidemics in the last 100 years-HIV, Ebola, smallpox, Spanish flu, etc. Outbreaks are not uncommon, yet we continue to struggle with appropriate reactions to new threats. It does not take long for fear, panic, and distrust to settle in or for bad information to spread. That is why Psychiatric Times invited Drs Nidal Moukaddam and Asim Shah to shed some light on this new virus, the pandemic, and its potential impact. Our goal is to arm you with the information you need to better educate and help your patients.

Are we faring better in the field of addiction medicine? In our Psychiatry 20/20 series, Dr Thomas Kosten looks back at society’s approaches to addiction and comes away with mixed results. Thankfully, the US government is no longer interested in arresting and jailing psychiatrists and other addiction specialists while these clinicians help opioid-dependent patients. And, the pharmacological options to address addiction are also greatly improved. Yet, Dr Kosten is quick to point out that we are still battling an opioid epidemic, and only time will tell if we have learned the lessons of the past.

Fortunately, there are some areas where there has been progress. To address medication adherence, for instance, we now have psychotropic medications with improved adverse effect and efficacy profiles as well as new delivery methods. Along those lines, this month’s continuing medical education article discusses the pros and cons of long-acting injectable antipsychotics in helping to not only improve adherence but also outcomes.

So, while we may continue with similar struggles, it seems like we are taking steps in the right direction. And, cover-to-cover, Psychiatric Times will continue to provide you with timely clinical information and discussions so you, too, can make and see progress!

Mike Hennessy Sr
Chairman and Founder, MJH Life Sciences, parent company of Psychiatric Times

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