Writer's Contest

A Flood of Losses

November 10, 2016

Now, when I think back O.P's plight and isolation, I marvel that he could remain standing. He reminds me of many other courageous young men-the writer, the newly graduated physician, and all the others whom I treated and who died of AIDS. He also reminds me of the vibrant gay community that was destroyed by a microscopic retrovirus.

There’s No Place Like Gnome

November 09, 2016

Being an outpatient psychiatrist is a lot like being married. Things go along, the same-old, for long periods. But then there's a moment. Today, with Leslie, I remember why I love my work.

Powerful Stories-Winners of Our Writer’s Contest

August 05, 2016

Even though I’ve read these stories a number of times, I still have an intense emotional response to each of them. They remind me that our work is of incredible personal importance to our patients and of such emotional meaning to us too.