Psychiatric Times Vol 16 No 5

AMA Eliminates Department of Mental Health Abrupt Firing of Director Raises Questions, Concerns

May 01, 1999

Only one month after the American Medical Association unveiled a major reorganization of its science and technology departments-one that included the dismantling of its department of mental health-the former director, psychiatrist Larry Goldman, M.D., was fired after he criticized the changes.

ACNP Focuses on Recent Treatment Advances

May 01, 1999

Recent advances in the treatment of mental and addictive disorders, along with research findings in basic neuroscience, molecular genetics and molecular biology that contribute to the understanding of such disorders, were discussed at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology's 37th annual meeting in Puerto Rico. The following are brief reports from selected presentations.

Physicians' Unions: A Growing Power

May 01, 1999

According to one estimate, 42,000 of the 757,000 practicing physicians in the United States-roughly 5.5%-were members of a union by the middle of last year. That number appears to have grown. The union movement is sweeping the medical profession around the country.

Promising Medications for Axis I Disorders

May 01, 1999

More than 80 medications are in development to treat mental illnesses, including 18 for depression, 15 for schizophrenia and 16 for anxiety disorders, according to the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (1998). Which ones will most likely come to market in the United States?

Pediatric Psychopharmacology: Regulations and Research

May 01, 1998

Every year, more than half of newly approved drugs and biologics considered likely to be prescribed for children lack labeling information on safe and effective use. Seeking to rectify this situation, the FDA recently issued final regulations requiring new drugs and biologics that are therapeutically important for children or will be commonly used in children to have labeling information on safe pediatric use.