Psychiatric Times Vol 16 No 6

CBS Exposé Blurs Treatment, Privacy and Ethics Issues Network Risks Criminal, Civil Charges To Air Story

June 01, 1999

Even the threat of criminal prosecution didn't dissuade CBS from broadcasting a "60 Minutes II" investigation called "Unsafe Haven," an hour-long report that chronicled alleged abuses committed "in more than 20 Charter Hospitals." A last-minute effort by Charter Behavioral Health Systems, the nation's largest provider of inpatient mental health services, to obtain an injunction against the April airing failed, but not without the judge in the case taking some legal swipes at CBS.

On Leadership and Holding the Lantern

June 01, 1999

In this incredible era of breakthroughs in neuroscience and its applied therapies, psychiatrists have been recognized as leaders and pioneers in battling the previously elusive maladies of the human condition. In the darkness, people instinctively follow the person carrying the lantern. As a consequence, I am not necessarily sure where we're going.

Comparing Full- and Half-Cycle Treatment of Serotonergic Antidepressants for Severe PMS

June 01, 1999

Although the exact etiology of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) remains unknown, it appears to be a chronic mood disorder that continues for many years in reproductive-age women. Approximately 2% to 10% of cycling women report severe symptoms resulting in a disruption of work or relationships.