Psychiatric Times Vol 18 No 6

Bioterrorism Looms Are We Prepared?

July 01, 2001

The threat of a bioterrorist attack is very real and should be of real concern to those in the health care field. While federal government budgets have been requested to address the mental health aftermath of such attacks, they have been repeatedly denied. Psychiatrists will be needed to help treat panic and hysteria among populationsthose who are affected, those who are not but believe they are and those who are left to pick up the pieces.

The Former Secret Life of an Elvis Impersonator

June 01, 2001

Stephen R. Shuchter, M.D., professor of clinical psychiatry and associate director of residency training at University of California, San Diego, spends his "down" time performing as Elvis and other rock 'n' roll legends. In these efforts, he expresses his creativity and brings delight to those he entertains. Lessons from each "career" have helped his success in the other.

Boundary Violations and the Fall From Eden

June 01, 2001

Stemming from evolutionary man and his simple, primitive act of help in exchange for help and Darwinian theory, Paul Genova, M.D., discusses the role reciprocal altruism plays in the "helping profession" of psychiatry.

New Research Improves ECT Outcomes

June 01, 2001

Is there a difference between bifrontal, bitemporal and right unilateral? In addition to talking about other research into optimal strength and electrode placement, Max Fink, M.D., outlines some of his own ongoing research.

Decreasing Suicide in Schizophrenia

June 01, 2001

This is the second part of an article series discussing the high risk of suicide attempts in patients with schizophrenia. Herbert Y. Meltzer, M.D., continues the discussion with treatment options and efficacy.

Treating the Patient as a Whole Person

June 01, 2001

Evidence is accumulating that untreated depression can impede comorbid medical treatment and increase mortality. The author reports on the latest research and treatment recommendations for depression that accompanies cardiovascular disease, stroke and Parkinson's disease.