Psychiatric Times Vol 20 No 11

Psychiatry and Human Rights Abuses

October 01, 2004

Psychiatrists and other mental health activists have been working in various countries around the globe to bring an end to unjust psychiatric incarceration for political beliefs and to improve living conditions for those patients in psychiatric hospitals. The former Soviet Union, China and India are all current targets of focus for this human rights movement. What are human rights organizations doing and how can psychiatrists help?

Global Findings in Developmental Psychopathology Presented at ESCAP

October 01, 2004

A greater understanding of how the brain works, including the effect of environment on it development, has led to advances in diagnosing and treating psychopathology. The latest findings will be presented at an international meeting, along with a discussion of how much work is to be done and the great need for qualified child psychiatrists, especially in developing countries.