Psychiatric Times Vol 24 No 4

Psychiatric Polypharmacy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

April 01, 2007

A great deal of data exists about the dangers of polypharmacy. Persons with psychiatric disorders experience increased risk for adverse drug interactions because of the great frequency with which multiple medications are used.

Mental Illness on the Screen: No More Snake Pit

April 01, 2007

Just 2 minutes before an episode of the television show Boston Legal aired, Roger Pitman, MD, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, received a telephone call from his sister-in-law informing him that the show would include a segment on propranolol, a drug he was researching for the prevention and treatment of PTSD.

Lifetime Psychiatric Comorbidity of Illicit Drug Use Disorders

April 01, 2007

What is comorbidity? Psychiatric comorbidity refers to the occurrence of 2 or more mental or substance use disorders within a certain period. Research shows that comorbidity of substance use and other psychiatric disorders is common and often worsens the prognosis for each disorder.