Alleged Unabomber Puts Psychiatry on Trial

Psychiatric TimesPsychiatric Times Vol 15 No 1
Volume 15
Issue 1

For 17 years, claim federal prosecutors, Theodore Kaczynski terrorized the nation with a string of 16 bombings that killed three people and injured 23 more. On trial now for his life, the alleged Unabomber's case will most likely hinge on the expert testimony proffered by a covey of psychiatrists and psychologists scheduled to be called as witnesses as the case unfolds in U.S. District Court in Sacramento, Calif. this month.

"...they are bound to make me out to be a sickie, and to ascribe to me motives of a sordid or 'sick' type....I am not very concerned about the negative value judgments that will be made about me, but it does anger me that the facts of my psychology will be misrepresented. For that reason I have attempted to give here an account of my own personality and its development that will be as accurate as possible."

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