Combating Cult Mind Control

How can we help individuals who are under undue influence or authoritative control?

What is undue influence? How do cults and predators operate? And how can clinicians help individuals who are under undue influence or authoritative control, or in exploitative situations? In this episode of An Appointment With, Erin O’Brien, senior editor for Psychiatric Times™, interviews Steven Hassan, PhD, about the importance of effectively evaluating undue influence in the law and clinical settings, and how the BITE (Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotion) Model of Authoritarian Control can help.

Dr Hassan is a mental health professional and expert working for over 45 years in the field of destructive authoritarian control (undue influence) in relationships, organizations, and belief systems. He is the author of 4 books including Combating Cult Mind Control and Freedom of Mind. He founded the Freedom of Mind Resource Center. He is the developer of the BITE Model of Authoritarian Control, the Influence Continuum Model, and the Strategic Interactive Approach. All are instrumental in helping empower individuals to exit authoritarian cults, trafficking, extremist groups, conspiracy theories, and controlling relationships.