Author | Donna M. Sudak, MD


Reducing Suicide Risk: The Role of Psychotherapy

December 26, 2018


This article provides a brief synopsis of the research regarding the use of psychotherapy to manage suicidal behavior, followed by several examples of strategies that such treatment employs.

6 Practical Strategies to Enhance Treatment Adherence

March 29, 2018


Make the most of brief psychotherapeutic sessions with these practical tips.

Psychotherapeutic Strategies to Enhance Medication Adherence

September 29, 2017


The authors outline a series of strategies that can help promote adherence to the therapeutic regimen.

Persistent Loneliness: A Relentless-and Prevalent-Problem

May 02, 2014


What are the psychological and physiological effects of persistent loneliness? How prevalent in the US? What role can cognitive behavioral therapy play for persistently lonely people? In this podcast, an expert offers a brief overview of this underappreciated, but often overlooked, problem.