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Psychiatric TimesVol 41, Issue 6

In this Special Report, get the latest from the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting!



We are at the halfway point of the year, and psychiatry continues to be exciting, with advances in the field, potential new treatments on the horizon, and great insights from leaders in the field. This special report helps to keep that conversation and momentum going by covering highlights from the 2024 American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting held in May in New York, New York.

Psychiatric Times’ coverage included summaries of presentations, interviews with top thought leaders, and reviews of posters. I had the privilege of interviewing 3 thought leaders on timely issues for psychiatry:

  • Joseph Goldberg, MD, on honing psychopharmacology, collaboratively discussing treatment options with patients, and clinical approaches to the nonresponse;
  • Jonathan Meyer, MD, discussing the need to resurrect lithium as one of our best pharmacological options in bipolar disorder, and updating our knowledge of the safe use of lithium while dispelling many of the outdated myths about lithium that persist; and
  • Peter Weiden, MD, exploring long-acting injectable antipsychotics and what role they can and should play in the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders as well as bipolar disorder.

We are also delighted to cover the session honoring Psychiatric Times’ very own H. Steven Moffic, MD, who received the Abraham L. Halpern Humanitarian Award for his passionate and unceasing dedication to advance human rights.

We chatted with many of you—our dedicated readers—about what is important to you and your patients. We also met new contributors, including early career psychiatrists, and are excited about future collaborations to broaden and provide greater depth about all that is important to psychiatry. Finally, we had meaningful touchpoints with our editorial board, including Horacio A. Capote, MD; Anita H. Clayton, MD; Philip R. Muskin, MD, MA, DLFAPA, LFACLP; Nidal Moukaddam, MD, PhD; David N. Osser, MD; Roueen Rafeyan, MD, DFAPA, FASAM; and Rajesh Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA, DFAAGP.

Indeed, there is much to be excited about as we embark on the second half of the year, and we look forward to continuing to support you and your patients.

Dr Miller is the editor in chief of Psychiatric Times and the medical director of Brain Health in Exeter, New Hampshire.

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