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Over the last year, we have compiled numerous videos about all aspects of psychiatry, medicine, and society. Check out a sampling here.

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On a daily basis, Psychiatric TimesTM shares insights, commentaries, practice tips, and research reviews from leaders in psychiatry and clinicians like yourself.

Here’s a sampling:

Debunking 4 Myths Around Mass Shootings

Tony Thrasher, DO, DFAPA
President, American Association for Emergency Psychiatry (AAEP)
Medical Director, Crisis Services, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

There are 4 crucial misunderstandings about mass shootings. What are they and how can they be included in discussions with patients?

The Verdict Is in: A Corrective Emotional Antiracism Experience

H. Steven Moffic, MD
Editorial Board Member
Author, Anti-Semitism and Psychiatry: Recognition, Prevention, and Interventions

Reflections on a landmark court case and its impact on racism, mental health, and healing in the United States.

Symphonic Beauty: NMDA Glutamate Receptors

John J. Miller, MD
Editor in Chief
Medical Director, Brain Health, Exeter, New Hampshire

What’s really happening at the neuronal and synaptic level? Take a guided tour of this beautiful symphony as we begin to better understand our extraordinary biological systems.

How to Treat Doctors During a Pandemic

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Past Vice-Chair of Education and Director of Training, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, SUNY-Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York.

When help was needed the most during COVID-19, psychiatrists stepped up and provided support to frontline workers. Lessons learned can support future endeavors as we confront residual symptoms of the pandemic and a very changed world.

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