Author | Laurie Martin


Creativity and Psychiatry: Leonard Bernstein

August 11, 2020


The musical prodigy is believed to have had a hyperthymic temperament, but he was also vulnerable to sweeping bouts of depression and guilt. Psychiatrist and virtuoso Richard Kogan, MD, puts music to storytelling, to explain the phenomenon of genius.

New Drug Indication for Patients With Depression Could Be Life-Changing

August 04, 2020


Taken with an oral antidepressant, esketamine is now approved to treat symptoms of MDD in patients with acute suicidal ideation or behaviors.

Intersection of Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders

July 31, 2020


A sleep specialist highlights what to watch out for in your patients.

Specialized Brain Training Relieves Phantom Pain

July 20, 2020


Pain is not uncommon for patients who have undergone amputation, and without effective treatment, pain can linger for years.

A 5-Question Quiz on ADHD

July 01, 2020


Do you know the indications for an EEG in a child with ADHD? Or which psychotherapy approaches for ADHD demonstrate evidence-based effectiveness? Answer these questions and more.

Mini Quiz: Comorbid Mood and Anxiety Disorders

June 24, 2020


What medical condition is most frequently reported with comorbid mood and anxiety disorders? Take the quiz and learn more.

The Video Game Will See You Now

June 22, 2020


FDA approves video game as treatment for ADHD.

Machine-Learning Holds Promise for Identifying First-Episode Psychosis

May 21, 2020


Artificial intelligence combined with electronic health records may detect FEP a year before onset in asymptomatic adults.

Resources From the Psychiatric Times Telepsychiatry-COVID Webinar

May 19, 2020


Here is a sampling of contributions about telepsychiatry submitted during the pandemic, as well as on-demand information from the Psychiatric Times Webinar that took place in May, in case you missed it.

Telepsychiatry Webinar: Prepare Your Practice for COVID and Beyond

May 15, 2020


You are cordially invited to the Psychiatric Times Webinar, Telepsychiatry: Ready Your Practice for COVID and Beyond.