An Invitation: Psychiatric Malpractice Grand Rounds

Psychiatric TimesPsychiatric Times Vol 36, Issue 3
Volume 36
Issue 3

You are cordially invited to submit an article about a “what if” legal dilemma for a series about psychiatry and the law.

articles about psychiatry and law

With the help of Editor in Chief Emeritus, James L. Knoll IV, MD, the editors at Psychiatric Times cordially invite you to submit an article about a “what if” legal dilemma for a series of online articles about psychiatry and the law.

The goal of the series is to provide real-world reflections by psychiatrists facing a possible malpractice issue. Dr Knoll will follow up with reflections, information, and resources, offering context and perspectives to our readers who may be experiencing a similar situation. The follow-up analysis should by no means be considered professional advice.

Of course, we always need to be careful about confidentiality. Although the pieces are not clinical per se, authors should disguise parties and scenarios (even yourself if you prefer to remain anonymous) in order to protect privacy. Authors should be aware that if they are bringing up stories about patients, their identities should be obscured.

Please submit your 1200-word manuscript and CV consideration to, with “Malpractice Grand Rounds” in the subject line. 

For an example, see A Malpractice Marathon.

Note: This is not a contest and selection will be at the sole discretion of the editors. We cannot promise print publication, but if selected, your article will appear on our website. Only submissions by psychiatrists will be considered.


This article was originally published on March 14, 2019 and has since been updated. -Ed.

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