Author | Helen M. Farrell, MD


Introduction: Meeting Our Personal and Professional Goals

May 31, 2019


By building a practice model that we enjoy, it enhances our ability to “cure sometimes, treat often, and comfort always.”

Embarking on a Forensic Practice

February 01, 2016


There is a lot to think about when starting a private practice-and yet more to consider when embarking on a forensic psychiatry practice. A review of a classic book that written by a giant in the field.

The Trend Toward Transparent Documentation

April 07, 2015


The trend toward transparent documentation has potential for many benefits, yet it remains a provocative concept for the field of psychiatry. In this podcast, Dr Helen Farrell answers several salient questions about transparency.

Transparent Notes in Psychiatry

February 25, 2015


Good documentation can be used by psychiatrists to enhance the physician-patient relationship. Of course, transparency could come at a price to practitioners, so following reasonable guidelines outlined in this article is key.