Prescription Digital Therapeutics and the Hunger for New Treatments

Here's why the next step in mental health treatment is digital.

Avrim B. Fishkind, MD, discusses prescription digital therapeutics, highlighting one product in particular. He believes these FDA-approved hard- and software will be popping up more and more over the coming years.

Dr Fishkind has practiced emergency and community psychiatry for the last 25 years. He is a past president of the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry. In 2007, he founded JSA Health Telepsychiatry, one of the nation’s first 24/7 telepsychiatry companies. He is a frequent speaker at the American Psychiatric Association’s conferences on subjects from verbal de-escalation of agitation to digital futures for psychiatrists including telemedicine and prescription digital therapeutics. Dr Fishkind is currently Physician Advisor to Freespira and Chief Clinical Officer of Orbis Health. In his spare time, he races vintage cars and rebuilds vintage audio equipment, and enjoys exploring Houston with his wife and his college age twins.

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