Think Pink: Barbie & Unrealistic Body Expectations in 2023


Nearly 1 in 2 women compare themselves to Barbie.



Hi there! I’m Barbie, and according to recent research, nearly 1 in 2 (45%) women compare the way they look to dolls like me.1

In a new study, nearly 1000 women opened up about the impact of Barbie dolls on their body image and how specifically they compare themselves. A whopping 82% believe Barbie portrays unrealistic body expectations to girls and women. The top body parts women compare are waist (42%), legs (34%), hair (28%), chest (27%), and face (26%). Additionally, while 3 in 5 women believe the latest Barbies are better at reflecting all body types than previous dolls, 69% still think Barbies can lead to body image issues.

The impression seems to vary between generations, specifically in the younger crowd: amongst Gen Z women, 53% think Barbie represents the ideal body type, and 39% consider the doll to be a role model.

With the new Barbie movie releasing on July 21st, this feels more relevant than ever. Approximately 38% of women plan to see the new Barbie movie. Will it change their perspective on the iconic doll? Overall, 1 in 6 think it will change their perspective, and 35% of Gen Z women specifically think the movie will give them a more positive perspective of Barbie.

Are you planning on seeing the new movie? How do you think Barbie impacts women’s mental health? Let us know at!


1. Barbie: bestie or bad influence? Women open up about body image influences in 2023. Harmony Healthcare IT. June 22, 2023. Accessed June 29, 2023.

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