Author | Jonathan E. Alpert, MD, PhD


Homing in on an EEG Signature to Predict Antidepressant Response

April 02, 2020


Investigators used machine learning to derive a unique electroencephalographic pattern or “signature” that appears to predict response to antidepressants vs. placebo.

Defining the Antidepressant Dose-Response Curve

March 04, 2020


Although the current generation of antidepressants extends back to the late 1980s, efforts to describe the dose-response relationship for treatment of major depressive disorder continue. More in this research update.

Celebrating Progress, but Challenges Remain

January 30, 2020


With their early age of onset, high prevalence, chronicity, and pervasive impact on multiple domains of functioning, the burden of mood disorders exceeds that of virtually all medical conditions in the US and globally in terms of disability, cost, and suffering.