Turning Over a New Leaf

Psychiatric TimesVol 38, Issue 9

As the seasons change and new possibilities open up, we also pause to remember the victims of September 11 and the ongoing opioid crisis.

Anette Shaff/shutterstock

Anette Shaff/shutterstock


In many ways, September is a time of changes and new beginnings. Children return to school, a little bit older and wiser and ready for new learning adventures. A new season arrives and promises comfort and coziness—apple picking and apple cider, beautiful autumn leaves and oversized blankets, and the hint of the holidays right around the corner. Similarly, there is the Jewish New Year, which also marks sweet new beginnings and opportunities.

September also marks some somber moments. The delta variant has increased the number of COVID-19 cases. Just as we were making progress, we seem to be fighting a new battle on that front. This month is also the 20th anniversary of the September 11th tragedies. As James Knoll IV, MD, reminds us in this issue, the anniversary both allows for reflections on the past and offers an opportunity to do better in the future. He eloquently speaks of the 3 antidotes to these tragedies: compassion, compromise, and creativity. By following these ideals, we can seize control, march forward, and make a positive impact in medicine and our communities.

Interestingly, that is exactly what Tony George, MD, and colleagues suggest in addressing the opioid crisis. Investigating harm-reduction programs that have been successful in Canada, the authors consider how these programs might be implemented in the United States. The second part of our Special Report on Minority Health similarly explores creative ways to connect with underserved populations. Throughout the issue, you will find articles sharing clinical advice and insights to support you as you aim to help your patients.

With that in mind, we hope you will continue to turn over a new leaf—and the pages of Psychiatric TimesTM—as we look ahead to new adventures and new successes! ❒

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