Webinar: Getting to the Roots of Childhood Acne

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Health care providers asked Dermatology Times® for resources to address the needs of their young patients with acne for fast, effective, and safe skin clearance as well as improved quality of life (QOL). They also wanted more guidance on when to make a referral to a medical or mental health expert, how to talk with patients and their families about the physical and psychological burden of this widespread disease, and how to enhance adherence. In response, Dermatology Times® collaborated with its sister brands, Contemporary Pediatrics® and Psychiatric Times™, to fill the information gap. This trio of MJH Life Sciences’ franchises brought together a renown, multidisciplinary panel to share their expert insights on how to develop successful, comprehensive acne treatment regimens that deliver body/mind wellness in the exclusive “Getting to the Roots of Childhood Acne” webinar held December 15, 2021.

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