Author | Allie Shapiro, MD


Clinical Insights for Treating Depression and Anxiety Youth

July 15, 2020


Child psychiatrists offer their real-world experience of what they have seen in practice, together with tips and suggestions for clinicians who may be seeing similar symptoms in their young patients.

Identifying Child Abuse as Telepsychiatry Takes Hold

June 04, 2020


Allie Shapiro, MD, discusses strategies to identify child abuse and ways to approach children and their parents as COVID-19 pushes us in the direction of telepsychiatry.

How Singles Are Affected By COVID-19

May 21, 2020


During this time of social isolation, people who are single may be having a difficult time. Staying home in lockdown may mean they haven't been seen or touched another person in weeks or months. A board-certified pediatrician and adult and child psychiatrist discusses these issues in this podcast.