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Clinically Isolated Syndrome: BENEFIT of Early Treatment?

July 01, 2007

Early treatment of clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) with subcutaneous interferon beta 1b (IFN-b-1b; Betaseron) may reduce disability at 3 years, according to the latest news from the Betaferon/Betaseron in Newly Emerging MS For Initial Treatment (BENEFIT) study. The data were presented by Mark Freedman, MD, director of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Unit at the University of Ottawa, in Ontario, at the recent Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), held April 28 to May 5 in Boston.

Hedonistic Homeostatic Dysregulation Syndrome: Too Much of a Good Thing?

October 01, 2006

HHD, which affects only a small percentage (4%) of patients with PD, is characterized by adverse psychomotor effects related to dopamine replacement therapy.

"Old" Versus "New" Antiepileptic Drugs

November 01, 2005

epilepsy, seizures