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Deep Brain Stimulation in Chronic and Severe Anorexia Nervosa

March 03, 2014

Deep Brain Stimulation is a neurosurgical procedure initially developed for the management of treatment-refractory movement disorders. More recently, the rationale for the use of DBS in anorexia nervosa derives from several sources.

Substance Abuse in Women With Bulimia Nervosa

October 01, 2008

The high rate of comorbid substance abuse in women with bulimia nervosa (BN) has remained consistent in the literature. This article reviews the prevalence of substance abuse in BN and summarizes treatment approaches for persons with BN and comorbid substance abuse.

Assessing and Treating Men With Eating Disorders

March 01, 2004

Recent research has shown a higher incidence of men with eating disorders than previously thought. How do men with eating disorders differ from women in terms of assessment and treatment? What are the differences in risk factors and possible comorbidities, if any?