Author | James Lake, MD


4 Pillars of Good Mental Health

June 24, 2020


Psychiatric Times asked integrative psychiatrist James Lake, MD, for insights and advice for patients to reduce stress and take care of their mental health on a day to day basis.

A Mental Health Pandemic: The Second Wave of COVID-19

June 15, 2020


The pandemic has brought about uneasy feelings that can exacerbate mental illness and cause further mental health issues. In its current state, our mental health system is not prepared to deal with what may become a global mental health pandemic, but there are ways to address it.

Self-Care for Mental Health Problems in the Time of COVID-19

May 27, 2020


The economic fallout of the pandemic may continue for years resulting in prolonged unemployment and an increasing percentage of the population with untreated serious mental health problems.

Resilience and Locus of Control in the Time of Pandemic

May 06, 2020


Shifting the internal narrative can enhance resilience.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for ADHD: What the Evidence Suggests

October 15, 2019


Recent surveys suggest that 7% to 8% of children and 4% to 5% of adults meet ADHD criteria. This CME article provide an understanding of the evidence for the use of complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments for ADHD.

East Meets West: 6 Tips for Incorporating CAM Into Psychiatry

March 07, 2019


An integrative integrative psychiatrist provides practical guidance for incorporating complementary and alternative medicine into psychiatric practice in the treatment of severe mental illness.

Integrating Biomedicine and Asian Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

December 20, 2016


What are the limitations and advantages of biomedicine and Asian medicine? When is it more beneficial to use one or the other? Guidelines for combining the two?

Introduction: CAMs and the Future of Mental Health Care

November 30, 2016


The articles in part 1 of this Special Report provide concise reviews of important research findings and clinical applications of mindfulness meditation, breath practices, and uses of CAM therapies for perinatal depression.

Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature, and the Body

July 28, 2014


This book is the first scholarly work that attempts to fill the enormous gap in the conventional armamentarium used to treat PTSD.

A Review of Select CAM Modalities for the Prevention and Treatment of PTSD

July 25, 2014


The limited effectiveness of current approaches provide compelling arguments for effective conventional and complementary interventions aimed at preventing PTSD and treating chronic PTSD. Specifics here.