John S. Leipsic, MD




The Internet as Practice Extender

November 01, 1999

In the early 1960s, the Internet was born out of the idea of a "Galactic Network." By the late 1980s, technology had advanced to allow for computer-based exchange of scientific information between academic and research institutes. From these humble beginnings, the Internet has experienced explosive growth in the last five years, evolving into a powerful global information resource and new media format unto itself. Psychiatrists can now reap the full benefit of this fast-paced evolution to extend the reach of their medical practice.

Computer Speech Recognition in Psychiatry

August 01, 1998

As her patient leaves the consulting room, Susan Roth, M.D., picks up her computer's microphone and begins dictating. "Wake up. Open template recurrent major depression. Patient identification: Mr. Johnson is a 64-year-old married white male. Chief complaint: difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and depressed mood with suicidal ideation for the last three weeks."