Author | Keith G. Rasmussen, MD


Contemporary ECT, Part 2: Mechanism of Action and Future Research Directions

August 26, 2015


Simply telling patients “we don’t know how ECT works” neglects our abundant knowledge of what this treatment does. The authors review biological actions of ECT and discuss future directions for research.

Contemporary ECT for Depression Part 1: Practice Update

July 30, 2015


This review covers recent advances in ECT technique, post-ECT management, and theories of mechanism of action. It will focus on the use of ECT in depression, the most common indication for ECT in clinical practice.

Electroconvulsive Therapy and Medical Illness

April 01, 2006


Physicians who use electroconvulsivetherapy (ECT) need tobe vigilant for unstable medicalconditions before and during the courseof treatment. This brief review is intendedto highlight some basic principlesand specific concerns that maybe encountered in the use of ECT inpatients who have comorbid medicalillness.