Author | Lawrence Hartmann, MD


Koryagin, Suspicious of Glasnost, Recounts Ongoing Soviet Abuses

September 28, 2015

Here: the ordeal of a Russian psychiatrist who objected to the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union-and did something about it.

Is It Ethical for Psychiatrists to Participate in Competency-To-Be-Executed Evaluations?

January 01, 1998

What counts as participation in capital punishment? Is it possible for a medical activity to be ethical in one context, but a similar one not ethical in another? Is death different? Are there neat and universal ethical rules that will always guide us wisely, or are there inevitable clashes among various legitimate and important values? Is it ethically possible that a forensic psychiatrist is not a psychiatrist, as Dr. Paul Appelbaum has argued? How strongly should physicians protect their duty to always help and not harm all individual patients in the face of many pressures to do otherwise?