Lisa J. Merlo, PhD, MPE




Psychiatric Conditions Affecting Physicians With Disruptive Behavior

November 19, 2014

This study highlights the need to consider a holistic approach when discussing the problem of disruptive behavior in health care settings.

Tipsheet: Physician Substance Abuse in the Workplace

March 28, 2014

Many barriers can prevent physicians who have a substance use disorder from obtaining the help they need. However, in many states, all is not lost for physicians who willingly participate in treatment. Here, signs, symptoms, and intervention steps.

Successful Treatment of Physicians With Addictions

August 28, 2009

Physicians generally display better health and have lower rates of all-cause mortality than the general population. However, their education, nutrition, and lifestyle do not offer similar protection from substance abuse and dependence.

Addiction Research and Treatment

June 02, 2008

Addiction-related prevention, research, and treatment have remained important areas of concentration in the field of psychiatry.