Author | Mantosh J. Dewan, MD


Podcast: Brief Dynamic Therapy-5 Tenets to Maximize Effectiveness

May 04, 2012

In this podcast, Dr Mantosh Dewan, discusses strategies to help you and your patient get the most benefit from this form of therapy.

Brief Psychotherapies: Potent Approaches to Treatment

March 13, 2009

Brief psychotherapy is not the name of a specific model or theory of treatment. Rather, it describes an approach that attempts to make psychotherapy as efficient and practically helpful as possible within a limited time frame. The aim of brief therapy is to speed up the process of change, amplify patient involvement, and foster more focused psychotherapy sessions. Over the years, several approaches to brief psychotherapy have evolved. Some advocate a handful of sessions; others involve more than 20 sessions (eg, psychodynamic therapy).

Making Combined Therapy Work

July 01, 2002

How can psychiatrists and psychotherapists optimize their collaboration and individual skills to facilitate treatment success?