Michelle Riba, MD, MS, DFAPA, FAPM


Suicide in College Students: A Call to Action

May 22, 2015

College mental health is not just a matter of identifying problems but also of creating a community of students, families, friends, mental health professionals, faculty advisors, and many others to help students gain psychological resiliency.

Enhancing Clinician Safety and Managing Psychiatric Emergencies

July 09, 2010

As with all medical emergencies, psychiatric emergencies are among the most clinically challenging situations.

Breast Cancer: What Psychiatrists Need to Know

April 01, 2006

Many of our female patients are more worried about breast cancer than heart disease. Because psychiatrists will almost certainly care for patients who have a history of breast cancer, Dr Riba reviews some of the major issues to consider.

Can A Split-Treatment Model Work?

July 01, 2002

There is no question that psychotherapy and psychopharmacology can be successfully integrated. Indeed, there are still many psychiatrists left in this country who talk to patients and families, provide both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, and care for patients in a biopsychosocial context.