Raphael J. Leo, MD




Movement Disturbances Associated With SSRIs

May 01, 2001

The SSRIs have become the most widely prescribed antidepressants in the United States. With this increased use has come more information on adverse events associated with their use, such as sexual dysfunction. However, movement disturbances associated with SSRI use can adversely impact treatment. This article explains the pathology of movement disorders and describes confounding variables such as other medications, pre-existing neurological insults and the nature of case reviews. Those at risk include the elderly, patients taking neuroleptics and those exposed to high levels of SSRIs.

Gender Bias in Psychiatric Textbooks

March 01, 2001

There is a history of gender bias in medical education and practice. Research has shown that this bias extends to the psychiatric field as well. Through material presented to medical trainees-in classes, textbooks, research reviews and the like-subsequent thoughts and actions may be negatively biased against women. A review of the ways in which biases are conveyed is explored, as well as suggestions for reducing, eliminating and preventing these biases in medical education.