Author | Yujuan Choy, MD


5 Tips for Treating COVID-Related Anxiety

May 07, 2020


A constellation of factors contributes to heightened anxiety symptoms associated with the pandemic. The author offers simple steps to help patients alleviate stress.

Working With Patients With Heightened Anxiety During COVID-19

May 05, 2020


Yujuan Choy, MD, Chief Psychiatrist at UC Irvine Counseling Center, provides tips for working with patients whose anxiety symptoms disrupt their quality of life.

Filling Telehealth Gaps in College Mental Health

April 17, 2020


Within days of the COVID-19 pandemic, students scattered from campus to locations around the country, and their psychiatric care was interrupted at a time when they needed support more than ever.

Treatment Planning for Panic Disorder

February 01, 2008


Panic disorder with or without agoraphobia is a chronic, debilitating psychiatric illness that affects about 4.7% of the general US population.