Psychiatric Times Vol 13 No 11

Psychiatric Profession Current Target of Citizens Commission on Human Rights

November 17, 2006

Last May, the Church of Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) distributed 50,000 copies of a new booklet entitled Psychiatry--Education's Ruin, complete with a cover photo of drugged-looking school kids at desks. The CCHR logo on the cover resembles a federal government seal, with a hand holding up scales of justice. Beneath the logo are the words: "Published as a public service by the Citizens Commission on Human RightsTM."

NIMH Team Links Tourette's Severity with Supersensitive Receptors

November 01, 1996

In 1885, Georges Gilles de la Tourette, M.D., described in the Achives of Neurology  a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by chronic motor and vocal tics that begin in childhood. During the next century, researchers demonstrated that the disorder, which came to be called Tourette's syndrome (TS), is probably inherited as a dominant gene that expresses with widely varying symptoms, even within monozygotic twin pairs.