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Nature Versus Nurture: How Is Child Psychopathology Developed?

July 01, 2005

In an attempt to reframe the either-or debate over the impact of genetics versus environment on emotional makeup, a panel convened at the American Psychoanalytic Association’s Winter 2005 Meeting in New York City. This article highlights studies presented at the meeting.

Why Are Drugs Abused By Humans?

February 01, 2005

What actually happens neurochemically in the brain to cause addiction? A well-known researcher discusses her findings on the role that dopamine levels play in addiction and aversion to cocaine.

PET Scans Compare Effects of Drug Treatment and Talk Therapy

July 01, 2001

Can brain scans show a difference between drug therapy and psychotherapy? A researcher at University of California at Los Angeles uses positron emission tomography to observe the difference in brain changes between these two types of treatment for major depression.

Investigating SAM-e for Depression

May 01, 2001

Dietary supplementation of SAM-e--naturally produced and physiologically necessary compound for living cells--is being investigated for its use as a viable treatment for depression.

PHR, Consortium of Centers Help Refugees, Victims Get Political Asylum

April 01, 2001

(Additional information regarding violence and trauma can be found in the Special Report section of the April 2001 issue of Psychiatric Times-Ed.)

NARSAD Honors Three Pioneering Researchers

March 01, 2001

The National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Depression awarded the 2000 Nola Maddox Falcone Prize. A brief description of each recipient's contributions to research with affective disorders is given.