Psychiatric Times Vol 13 No 9

Psychologists Sue Managed Care Company Over Termination Practices

September 01, 1996

In what well may be a first in the managed behavioral health care industry, the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) and seven psychologists filed a lawsuit against MCC Behavioral Care Inc. contesting the firm's utilization of "without cause" termination contract provisions. The case may break new ground in the way managed care companies interact with providers, and may question whether managed care companies can deselect providers despite the potential harm to patients.

Computer Coverage Nets Capacity Crowds

September 01, 1996

September 1996, Vol. XIII, Issue 9Reflecting today's surging interest in computers and what they can do for mental health professionals, it was standing room only at many of the 19 computer-related presentations offered at the American Psychiatric Association's 149th annual meeting, more than triple the number included at last year's convention.

What's Available On-Line for Mental Health Professionals?

September 01, 1996

With the exploding growth of the Internet, more and more people are going on-line. Mental health professionals are finding discussion groups filled with like-minded researchers and practitioners in every aspect of the field. Laypeople are discovering the value and enrichment that mutual self-help support groups and educational materials lend to their treatment. It is important, if not invaluable, to become familiar with this new world of opportunity and to learn about what's currently available and what's coming in future years.