Psychiatric Times Vol 29 No 1

Effects of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Changes in the Elderly

January 19, 2013

Drug interactions are more frequent in elderly patients because more medications are taken. In addition, drug interactions may be more serious because of insufficient physiological reserves. When new medications are started or stopped in elderly patients, it is very important to take note of potential interactions with other drugs or foods.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs in Psychiatry

January 10, 2012

Through patient self-management, mental health clinicians can transfer the focus from managing symptoms to allowing patients to live well in the context of their mental illness and medical comorbidities.

Educating Patients About Bipolar Disorders

January 10, 2012

Patients with bipolar disorder need a great deal of information about the illness. Without this education, adherence to your recommendations is uncertain; with it, outcomes will likely be better (and your job easier).