Author | James Phelps, MD


Bipolar Disorder or Fanaticism?

January 15, 2019


Whatever the etiology, some extreme views come very close to the behaviors of bipolar mania, as illustrated in a recent documentary.

Bipolar Disorder: The Year Ahead

December 06, 2018


Let us look at two major trends in our evolving understanding of this complex mood disorder and its treatment, to wrap up 2018 and to consider the year ahead.

A New Treatment for Bipolar Depression: Part 3

November 06, 2018


Three simple steps may better align your practice with available data on the efficacy and safety of thyroid supplementation in physiologic doses.

A New Treatment for Bipolar Depression: Part 2

October 01, 2018


Dr Phelps puts thyroid dysfunction into clinical context for patients with comorbid mood disorders.

A New Treatment for Bipolar Depression: Part 1

September 07, 2018


Old data have recently been gathered and systematically presented-reinforced by a new study, but perhaps contradicted by another. So it’s time to revisit this story.

New FDA Warning

May 31, 2018


A rare but serious reaction to this treatment can have immunological consequences. As with all medications, however, the latest alert does not change how psychiatrists manage the risks.

Antidepressant Withdrawal, Online Data, and a Bottom Line

May 02, 2018


How many people who take an antidepressant truly have severe difficulties when they try to taper off? Or, is it “all in their mind”?

First Antidepressant Not Effective? 7 Options and a Reminder

April 04, 2018


When the treatment doesn’t work, consider the options. Or, question your diagnosis.

New Data on tDCS for Bipolar Depression

March 14, 2018


Transcranial direct current stimulation delivery systems differ from one another in design, action, and results. One has been shown to be significantly better than sham treatment for bipolar depression. What does this mean for clinical practice?

Simvastatin for Bipolar Disorders?

February 07, 2018


This statin shows promise in reducing symptoms of bipolar disorder and depression. Still, one must be cautious and think through the treatment plan for each patient.